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About the Water Security Initiative at Harvard

The social and economic well-being of people depend on a secure and sustainable platform of water institutions and infrastructure: to drink, to maintain the environment, to grow their food, to supply their energy and industries. This platform is under threat in a variety of ways - from inadequate institutions and infrastructure, from the increasing demands from growing populations and economies, and from climate change. 

The Vision:

The Water Security Initiative at Harvard strives to help build water-secure countries. It does this through focused programs of interdisciplinary research which will identify new and better tools (institutions, infrastructure, and technologies).


This research is done through horizontal partnerships with eminent universities, governments, and the private sector in our partner countries. With these partners we jointly identify topics and collaborate at the faculty, post-doc, graduate, and undergraduate student levels. The initial focus countries are Australia, Brazil, Pakistan and the United States.

The Initiative engages a wide range of disciplines and schools at Harvard. The Initiative aims (a) to develop a new generation of ‚Äúspecialized integrators‚ÄĚ who are both deeply immersed in their disciplines but are also capable of integrating across disciplines and (b) to engage with "thinking practitioners" in the focus geographies.